We are 90to5


Our mission is to enrich the world with free, fast and easily accessable visual knowledge about movies.



Our vision is to become the world leading platform for five minute movie recap clips and to spark a community engaging in editing and/or watching those clips.


Creative Heads

Jan Ricken – holds two degrees in business administration and has worked for 12 years as a strategy consultant. He is taking care of Finance and Sales & Marketing.




Tilmann Vogt – animator, designer, filmmaker. His professional expertise includes commercials and movies with worldwide exposure. At 90to5 he is responsible for everything that meets the eye.




Christian Kau – lawyer specializing in intellectual property and copyright law. He takes care of all legal aspects of 90to5, in particular all copyright and data privacy issues.




Pablo Hernández García – talented film editor with a secret love for documentaries as well as PR and social media specialist Spain/South America at 90to5.




Joshua Wille – filmmaker and PhD student in Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas, where he researches fanediting and film revisionism.





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Director: Jan Ricken

Fortunatusstrasse 21

54292 Trier, Germany

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Email: info*90to5.org