These are the heroes that help make this contest happen – lot’s of love goes to:



Addie – participated in the 90to5 Editing Challenge 2015 with Last Woman on Earth. Other than that she’s plain awesome.

Addie’s Links: Facebook


Head of Jury

Beegle - Film Editor (Independant Cinema, Game Cinematics)
Beegle – participates in the production of independant cinema, mainly as an Editor. The last short film he edited, El Tiempo del Agua, has won 3 awards and was shown at 16 film festivals worldwide. He holds a degree in Film Studies, and a certificate in Film Scriptwriting. Professionally, he has been part of the games industry for 8 years, most of the time in positions like cinematics editor, narrative designer and camera specialist.

Outside work, Beegle leads a local film society focused on documentaries and international cinema, since 2008. He is also an alumni from 2014 edition of the 90to5 Editing Challenge, where he received an honorable mention for his edit of Battleship Potemkin.

Beegle’s Links: LinkedIn | Film Society | IMDb-Profile | Facebook


WordPress Manager & Editor in Chief

Daniel – As an expert in digital technologies, specially audiovisual, software and the web, and with a strong knowing of the arts, writing and cinema, I have succeeded in working with multiple objectives, matters and people, producing, making, teaching, researching and writing about them. A curious spirit, an always hungry need for learning and the novelty, and a natural capacity of combine dissimilar things have bring me to deepen in several subjects, to search and find new solutions and ways of doing, from different points of view, bringing new light to all the projects I work on.

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Fabrizio – participated in the 90to5 Editing Challenge 2015 with The Good Girl and won the audience award. Other than that he’s plain awesome.

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Editor in Chief

Fernanda – Argentinian. 24 years. IT Technician. Sound Technician. Student of Audiovision at the National University of Lanùs.

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Film Rights Collector

David – contributed quite a few edits to the 90to5 Editing Challenge as The Wad, including the grand prize winning edit of Night of the Living Dead. Other than that he’s just plain awesome.

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Call for Entries Clip Producers

Clip Producers

Sofia Mellino
Script writer – Video editor – Postproduction supervisor – Subtitles.
Sofia Mellino is licensed in Audio-vision, in Image Post-production orientation, at Lanús National University (UNLa). She discovers her passion is audio-visual editing, so she decides to specialize on this role and be part of the Argentine Association of Audio-visual Editors (EDA). In 2014 she wins Best International from a “View from here, British Council Film Competition” for her audio-visual “UKan”. In 2015 she wins Best Edit Award 1st place with a re-edit of M (1931) at the “90to5 Edit Challenge” At the present time, her documentary thesis “Revolutionize education, being a student nowadays” has won 2º place for best student documentary at the International Image Festival (FINI) of the city Hidalgo, México. Also, she is a contestant of the NASA International Challenge with her experimental audio-visual “Spacium Inter Nos” in collaboration with Panther Panther, a visual musician from Bristol, UK.
“Montage/Editing is my passion. It’s when I edit that I find myself completely. When I can tell and model stories that try to reach the audience and make them feel and be reflected in the material that they are watching.”

Sofia’s Links: LinkedIn | Vimeo

Natalia Soledad Sánchez
Script supervisor – Director – Camera 2.

Natalia’s Links: LinkedIn

Leandro Ezequiel Romero
Camera 1 – 1st Director Assistant – VFX Compositor / 2D & 3D Animator

Leandro’s Links: LinkedIn

Ramiro Franqueira
Sound recording – Sound editor

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Nicolas Gimenez
Lights engineer – 2nd Director Assistant


Stringed Disco Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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