Head of Jury

Beegle - Film Editor (Independant Cinema, Game Cinematics)
Beegle – participates in the production of independant cinema, mainly as an Editor. The last short film he edited, El Tiempo del Agua, has won 3 awards and was shown at 16 film festivals worldwide. He holds a degree in Film Studies, and a certificate in Film Scriptwriting. Professionally, he has been part of the games industry for 8 years, most of the time in positions like cinematics editor, narrative designer and camera specialist.

Outside work, Beegle leads a local film society focused on documentaries and international cinema, since 2008. He is also an alumni from 2014 edition of the 90to5 Editing Challenge, where he received an honorable mention for his edit of Battleship Potemkin.

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Adham El Kosht
Adham El Kosht
– Adham has been constantly trying to learn while living and working among audiovisual passionate people since University in 2004.
He’s worked and collaborated in all sorts of areas and departments of the entertainment industry, from scriptwriting, to VFX and everything in between: acting for theatre, cinema and TV, DOP assistant, actor’s coaching and direction, or camera specialist in video game studios such as Ubisoft. Currently he works doing digital some camera work and shot prepping in the motion edit department of the VFX company “Weta Digital” (The Hobbit, Jungle Book or The BFG to name a few).
His true passion remains the same since he was a kid and the main reason why he’s happy to join 90 to 5: the storytelling craft.

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David – contributed quite a few edits to the 90to5 Editing Challenge as The Wad, including the grand prize winning edit of Night of the Living Dead. Other than that he’s just plain awesome.

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Sofia Mellino – is an Italian-Argentine Award Winner Video editor. Specialized in Audio-vision (Image post-production orientation), with a Post-graduate diploma fromThe London Film School (LFS), amongst others courses and workshops to keep specializing in this area, she decides to become part of the Argentine Association of Audio-visual Editors (EDA). With international experience, she has worked in different audio-visuals as freelance, volunteer, internship, remote and in-house projects as well as a work experience at Envy Post-production House in London. Multicultural and multilingual, becoming a contestant of Festivals and Challenges is one of her biggest hobbies and for that reason she has won, until the date, four International Awards and one Postgraduate Scholarship. Her motto? “To win, you must participate” so what are you waiting for?

Sofia’s links: LinkedIn | Vimeo

Kirsten Larvick

Kirsten Larvick – as an independent documentary producer & editor, Kirsten Larvick has been enlisted by a number of renowned documentary filmmakers. She has been privileged to work on such films as, Young Lakota, to air on PBS’s Independent Lens in Fall of 2013, as part of the Women and Girl’s Lead Initiative, and the upcoming, Singers in the Band, by the Academy Award® winning documentary Producer, David Goodman, among others.
Kirsten is also Executive Director at Artfully Unforgotten, a nonprofit, which engages underserved communities in social and environmental issues through the arts, and Co-Chairs the Women’s Film Preservation Fund, the only program in the world that works to preserve the cultural legacy of women in the film industry.

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MariaMaría N.A. – with a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Postgraduate Course in Video Editing, she participated in the 90to5 Challenge 2016 editing “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (1959).


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Jurors on past challenges

Juan Manuel Gamazo
Juan Manuel Gamazo – has worked in fiction, commercials, music videos, and documentaries in Chile, Argentina, Cuba, and Spain since 2007 – particularly he has been linked to Producciones Bajocero and Jota Aronak.
His awards include the nomination of Maya for the Short Film Palme d’or at Cannes Film Festival 2010, a work directed by Pedro Pío Martín and edited by “Juanma”.
As a teacher, he gave editing lectures in Chile, in Balmaceda Institute (Nov 2011). He later taught at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) for 4th year students of Audiovisual Comunication (May 2012). His last workshop lasted 6 weeks at the EICTV (Cuba), for the first year students of the Regular Course (Feb – Mar 2013).

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L8wrtr – Administrator at FanEdit.org. As a faneditor he is best known for Superman: Son of Jor El (Fanedit of the Month Winner, December 2010) and his popular revision of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, which includes Episode I: Shadow of the Sith, Episode II: The Republic Divided (Fanedit of the Month Winner, June 2011), and Episode II: Dawn of the Empire (Fanedit of the Month Winner, May 2012).

L8wrtr’s Links: Faneditography | Fanedit.org


Mark Jenkins - Filmmaker, Film Editor, Educator
Mark Jenkins – has been involved in cinema for nearly 30 years, from a projectionist at the age of 19 to a filmmaker and film editor today.

As an editor for 17 years he has cut fiction, documentaries and commercials that have picked up six Scottish BAFTA’s and over fifty awards and nominations from film festivals around the world.
Since moving to Orkney, Scotland 6 years ago Mark has made over twenty short films including ‘Gunnie’ – commemorating the life of photographer Gunnie Moberg, ‘Reflections’ – the life and work of artist Sylvia Wishart, and ‘The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow’ – a 35 min docu-drama produced as part of a film residency in 2012.

Mark teaches the craft of film editing to all levels up to BA and MA Certificates and wrote for the post production section in Creative Scotland’s ‘Moving Image Education’ website.

Mark is Film Representative for Orkney Arts Forum, Chair of Orkney Moving Image Society and of West Side Cinema.

Mark Jenkins’ Links: Website | Facebook | Reel | IMDb-Profile


Bin Li - Film Editor
Bin Li – Australian freelance film editor. Bin specializes in feature film editing and has credits for over 24 international and Australian feature films including Mao’s Last Dancer, House Of Flying Daggers and The Way Back.

Bin has worked with distinguished film directors Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy, Double Jeopardy), Peter Weir (Witness, The Truman Show), Zhang Yimou (Hero, Raise The Red Lantern) and Baz Luhrmann ( Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby ).

Familiar with working on Medium to high budget feature films, Bin has worked in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Bin has a Master of Arts degree from the Australian Film Television and Radio School
and is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Bin Li’s Links: Website | LinkedIn | IMDb-Profile


Neglify – Administrator at FanEdit.org who has made several popular fanedits such as L.A. Confidential Recut (Fanedit of the Month Winner, Novmber 2011), Payback — The Hybrid Cut, and Scream — The Giallo Cut (Fanedit of the Month Winner, September 2012).

Neglify’s Links: Faneditography | Fanedit.org


Reave – Administrator at FanEdit.org whose work as a faneditor includes Transformers: Resparked and Mars Attacks! From Space!

Reave’s Links: Faneditography | Fanedit.org


Take Me To Your Cinema
Take Me To Your Cinema – Administrator at Fanedit.org who has created several fanedits, such as Thor – The Dark World: Hard Forged Edition (Fanedit of the Month Winner, April 2014), a series of revisionist takes on Marx Brothers films, and a high-definition reconstruction of Steven Soderbergh’s elusive fanedit, Heaven’s Gate: The Butcher’s Cut.

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