Interview with Adrian Hollmann

Adrian Hollmann (aka Neofeopeo) is a freelance editor from Germany. He is by far the most diligent 90to5 editor with a whopping 9 edits delivered to date (January 2015). Watch Adrians 90to5 edits here and read his story, thoughts and tips in the interview below.

90to5: Adrian, would you like to introduce yourself? And can you describe the time when you first realized that editing was something you absolutely had to do?

Adrian: My name is Adrian Hollmann. I am 28 close to 29 now born in Berlin and movies have been my passion since I was 7. It all started with watching a lot of Back to the Future and all the Bond movies. And from there the passion/obsession grew and still continues to this day. I came to editing when my father got me a tv card for my pc and I taped From Dusk Till Dawn from German television and I started making a little Trailer only using the first 8 minutes of the movie and from there on I kept doing that with about 10 movies. And that I did with a crappy editing software from Pinnacle that came with the tv card. When I was in 10th grade I had an internship for two weeks at a postproduction company and there I really realized that editing is truly my passion and that I want to pursue that.

90to5: What were the most fun projects you worked on so far?

Adrian: My most fun project would be editing a short movie called Die Alraune und das Schwert (The mandrake and the sword). Because that was the first time that I edited and I couldn’t stop cause I wanted to see how the story unfolds and how the two actors play off one another. I also had a lot of fun doing the music video Hands Up and the result looks a lot like something that would be on mtv. But in general when the material that is given to me is well shot and there is clear direction then pretty much every project is a lot fun in it’s own way.

90to5: Can you talk a little bit about your fan made trailers and tributes?

Adrian: When it comes to my Trailers it’s hands done the Tarantino Trailer that takes the cake. It is the fan made trailer of mine that I am most proud of and where I realized while I was editing that it kind of took a live of its own and that it evolved into territories that I could not anticipate before I started. And that is also one of the wonderful things in editing. The unpredictability in the outcome.

Sure you plan in your head ok when the music does this this scene will come up and it will fit but then you try it and it actually does not fit or you already came up with something better
and when you take a different direction here you kinda have to go a different direction somewhere else too so it will be cohesive and before you know it an entire sequence is build on instinct and taste and you look at it and you have no idea how it came to be but it just did. So yeah I work more on feelings and instincts than on actual knowledge and I am very glad that I did not do the Tarantino Trailer 5 years ago because it would have been a shadow of what it is now because I grew a ton as an editor in last couple of years and it shows big time. So yeah I took the Tarantino Trailer as an example but it goes for everything that I have done so far.

90to5: What other projects are you working on currently? Is there anything you dream of doing/editing?

Adrian: Right now I am not working on anything big. Rather very small and very very low budget things but I have another music video coming up at the end of
January so I am looking forward to that. What I am really aching to do is full length feature and my dream is to see a movie I edited on the big screen with an audience and of course them not hating it.

90to5: Are there any other editors whose work you admire?

Adrian: Editors I admire would definitely be Thelma Schoonmaker and the late Sally Menke. Those two really always did amazing stuff in combination with music
and the way the movies flow is truly a sign of a great collaboration between editor and director.

90to5: Editing is quite a complex and time consuming process. You seem to be able to get a lot of quality work done quickly – do you have any hints for your colleagues how to make the process more efficient? How do you usually tackle an editing task (feature / short form / 90to5 challenge)?

Adrian: Well there are different ways of tackling a project. I usually go scene by scene when it’s a short movie and I always try to find the best performance and yet never stay to long with one character when it’s a dialog scene for example. When it’s a trailer it depends on whether its one of my fan made ones, then I know all the movies very well and I pretty much know what I want to use from the get go and when I am unsure then I at least know where to find certain scenes. When it’s a movie I don’t know, I will watch the entire movie and then try to find acts for the trailer. Usually as with movies so often, it’s a three act structure. First showing the character and a general sense of what this movie is about, then a buildup and then the climax. With the 90to5 edits I always watch the entire movie and then I take the whole movie into the timeline and I throw everything out that is not needed and then I usually have something between 20-30 minutes left and then I watch at and as I watch it I again throw scenes out and so on until I get under 10 minutes and the last couple of minutes are always the hardest….would be way easier if it was 90to10.

But at the end of the day there really is not one way to do it. You do it the way you feel you will get the best out of the material. What I advise is making shortcuts for yourself in your editing software. If I would be doing everything with the mouse it would take way longer. Other than that I would just say you need a lot of patience in this job if you are someone who needs things to be done quick then forget about becoming an editor. And when you are in the beginning do as much projects as possible, no matter if it’s paid or not. Having a strong portfolio is very important and you never know what those contacts will bring you in the future. You might do a crappy short movie for someone and 5 years later the same guy works on big productions and takes you along.

90to5: Thank you Adrian for sharing your thoughts and insights! We hope to get blessed with even more of your great edits here at 90to5.


Check out Adrian’s homepage and his youtube channel for more editing awesomeness.