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5 Minute Edit of And Then There Were None (1945)

Posted On November 15, 2013By TilIn Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

And Then There Were None (1945)

Ten people are invited for a weekend on an island by a Mr U. N. Own, but he isn’t on the island. At dinner a record is played, by that all the people are accused of murder, suddenly the first of them is dead, then the next.It seems to be that one of them is the murderer Mr. U. N. Own, but the person in suspect is always the person who is murdered next. At last only two people seem to be left. (Plot summary written by Stephan Eichenberg <>)Read More
5 Minute Edit of The Train Robbers (1973)

Posted On November 14, 2013By TilIn Western

The Train Robbers (1973)

Mrs. Lowe (Ann-Margret) wants to retrieve the half million U.S. dollars in gold her late husband stole during an assault on a train and return it to the railroad. Lane (John Wayne), attracted by the $50,000 reward, decides to help and lines up some old friends to assist him. The comrades of the deceased husband of Mrs. Lowe will try to get the gold at any cost, however, followed closely by Ricardo Montalban’s character, a Pinkerton agent. (Plot summary from Wikipedia) Runtime original: 01:32:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50 Director:Read More
5 Minute Edit of Africa Screams (1949)

Posted On November 13, 2013By TilIn Adventure, Comedy

Africa Screams (1949)

When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking fellow bookseller Stanley knows a great deal about Africa they are abducted and ordered to lead Diana and her henchmen to an African tribe. After encounters with lion tamers, giant apes and a wild river, Buzz returns to America. Stanley finds diamonds and buys the store they once worked for, hiring Buzz as its elevator operator. (Plot summary written by Ed Stephan ) Runtime original: 01:19:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:38 Director: Charles Barton Writer: Earl Baldwin Editor: Frank Gross 90to5 Editor: bnorman12Read More
5 Minute Edit of The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

Posted On November 13, 2013By TilIn Film Noir, Thriller

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

On the beach one night, Christine Faber, two years a widow, thinks she hears her late husband Paul calling out of the surf…then meets a tall dark man, Alexis, who seems to know all about such things. After more ghostly manifestations, Christine and younger sister Janet become enmeshed in the eerie artifices of Alexis; but he in turn finds himself manipulated into deeper deviltry than he had in mind… (Plot summary written by Rod Crawford – Runtime original: 01:18:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:40 Director: Bernard Vorhaus Writer: CraneRead More
5 Minute Edit of First Orbit (2011)

Posted On November 12, 2013By TilIn Biography, Documentary

First Orbit (2011)

First Orbit is a feature-length, experimental documentary film about Vostok 1, the first manned space flight around the Earth. By matching the orbit of the International Space Station to that of Vostok 1 as closely as possible, in terms of ground path and time of day, documentary filmmaker Christopher Riley and European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli were able to film the view that Yuri Gagarin saw on his pioneering orbital space flight. This new footage was cut together with the original Vostok 1 mission audio recordings sourced from theRead More
5 Minute Edit of The Mirror (1975)

Posted On November 12, 2013By TilIn Biography, Drama

The Mirror (1975)

Tarkovsky mixes flash-backs, historical footage and original poetry to illustrate the reminiscences of a dying man about his childhood during World War II, adolescence, and a painful divorce in his family. The story interweaves reflections about Russian history and society. (Plot summary written by Runtime original: 01:48:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:04:55 Director: Andrey Tarkovskiy Writer: Aleksandr Misharin, Andrei Tarkovsky Editor: Lyudmila Feiginova 90to5 Editor: Lasma Abele 90to5 Editor Website: 90to5 Editor Bio: – Andrei Tarkovsky prepared over 20 different cuts before he finally was happy with theRead More
5 Minute Edit of His Girl Friday (1940)

Posted On November 11, 2013By TilIn Comedy, Drama, Romance

His Girl Friday (1940)

Walter Burns, editor of a major Chicago newspaper, is about to lose his ace reporter and former wife, Hildy Johnson, to insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin, but not without a fight! The crafty editor uses every trick in his fedora to get Hildy to write one last big story, about murderer Earl Williams and the inept Sheriff Hartwell. The comedy snowballs as William’s friend, Molly Malloy, the crooked Mayor, and Bruce’s mother all get tied up in Walter’s web. (Plot summary written by Steve Fenwick) Runtime original: 01:32:00 —> Runtime at 90to5:Read More
5 Minute Edit of Death Rides a Horse (1967)

Posted On November 9, 2013By TilIn Western

Death Rides a Horse (1967)

As a child, Bill witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge. During his quest, he crosses paths with Ryan, an ex-con who wants the money the robbers owe him. (Plot summary written by Erik Gregersen ) Runtime original: 01:54:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:49 Director: Giulio Petroni Writer: Luciano Vincenzoni (story) Editor: Eraldo Da Roma 90to5 Editor: Neofeopeo 90to5 Editor Website: 90to5 Editor Bio: – I am a freelance editor, born 1986 in Germany and I found my passion forRead More