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War of the Robots (1978)

An alien civilization, which facing eminent extinction, kidnaps two famous genetic scientists from Earth. A troop of soldiers is dispatched to combat the humanoid robots and rescue the victims.   Director: Writer: Editor: Mariano Arditi 90to5 Editor: 90to5 Editor Website: – 90to5 Editor Bio: My name is Dave Euson and I am currently a part time editor and full time video engineer. Love being a part of this project. This is my take on the 90to5 editing challenge from the movie “War Of The Robots” —       PublicRead More

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The Son of Monte Cristo (1940)

In 1865, General Gurko Lanen is dictator of “Lichtenburg” in the Balkans. Rightful ruler Zona hopes to get aid from Napoleon III of France. The visiting Count of Monte Cristo falls for Zona and undertakes to help her, masquerading as a foppish banker and a masked freedom fighter. The rest is rapid-fire intrigue and derring-do. (Plot summary by Rod Crawford)   Director: Writer: Editor: Arthur Roberts 90to5 Editor: 90to5 Editor Website: – 90to5 Editor Bio: – This movie gives you 102 minutes of fast paced action and adventure, mixed withRead More

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Alice In Wonderland (1915)

Alice goes with her sister to a picnic and then she falls asleep and starts dreaming about a wonder land full of talking animals and walking playing cards.   Director: Writer: Editor: ? (maybe W.W. Young) 90to5 Editor: 90to5 Editor Website: – 90to5 Editor Bio: I’m 16 and attend Ravens Wood School. I am currently in my first of Sixth Form.   I chose this film as it is a well known story. —       Public voting 2015 has ended          Read More

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Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)

Sonny Chiba reprises his role as the deadly martial arts mercenary Takuma Tsurugi in this feature where he must once again battle against the Yakuza because of a deal gone wrong.   Director: Writer: Editor: Chu-Lieh Yin 90to5 Editor: 90to5 Editor Website: –   90to5 Editor Bio: My name is Dave Euson and I am currently a part time editor and full time video engineer.   Love being a part of this project. —       Public voting 2015 has ended          Read More
Picture of Virus (1980)

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Virus (1980)

A military-engineered virus, released during a plane crash, kills the entire human population. The only survivors are scientists in Antarctica, who desperately try to find a cure and save what is left of the planet from further destruction. (Plot summary written by Written by P. Straatsma) Director: Kinji Fukasaku Writer: Kôji Takada, Kinji Fukasaku, Gregory Knapp Editor: Akira Suzuki, Pieter Hubbard 90to5 Editor: 90to5 Editor Website: – 90to5 Editor Bio: – I want to pay tribute to the creators and actors of this brilliant film. —     Public votingRead More
Picture of Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (1978)
Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori’s wedding plans are postponed when the Yamato crew must report to take on another threat from the stars. A new enemy has harnessed a comet and is using its terrible power to unleash destruction upon its rivals and inferiors… which are in fact everyone. The Space Battleship Yamato heads back into action. But this time, it shall not return, and much of the Yamato crew have signed on for their last voyage. (Plot summary written by Q. Leo Rahman) Runtime original: 02:31:00 —> Runtime atRead More
Picture of A Twist of Sand (1968)

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A Twist of Sand (1968)

A former British Naval Officer now makes his living by smuggling goods around the Mediterranean. After being forced to dump his cargo after nearly being caught by the authorities in Malta, he is eager to recoup his losses. When a former colleague appears and tells a wild story about smuggling diamonds out of South West Africa, he sees his chance to make a lot of money. Accompanied by the wife of a diamond prospector and a few shady characters he embarks on a quest to retrieve the diamonds. The onlyRead More
5 Minute Edit of Africa Screams (1949)

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Africa Screams (1949)

When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking fellow bookseller Stanley knows a great deal about Africa they are abducted and ordered to lead Diana and her henchmen to an African tribe. After encounters with lion tamers, giant apes and a wild river, Buzz returns to America. Stanley finds diamonds and buys the store they once worked for, hiring Buzz as its elevator operator. (Plot summary written by Ed Stephan ) Runtime original: 01:19:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:38 Director: Charles Barton Writer: Earl Baldwin Editor: Frank Gross 90to5 Editor: bnorman12Read More