Whispering City (1947)

A reporter hears that a famous actress is dying in a hospital after being hit by a car. She goes to the hospital to interview the actress, who tells the reporter that her wealthy fiance, who was killed in an accident several years before, was actually murdered. Before long the reporter finds herself in a web of corruption, mental illness and murder.

(Plot summary by frankfob2@yahoo.com)

Runtime original: 1:38:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:49


Director: Fyodor Otsep

Writer: Rian James (screenplay), Leonard Lee (screenplay), George Zuckerman (from an original story by), Michael Lennox (from an original story by), Gina Kaus (additional dialogue), Hugh Kemp (additional dialogue), Sydney Banks (additional dialogue)

Editor: W.L. Bagier, Richard J. Jarvis

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Chose this because it is set in my country in a historic city, and shows beautiful scenery, accompanied by the “Quebec Concerto”.



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