Sabotage (1936)

Mr. Verloc, a cinema owner, is part of a gang of saboteurs in London. He lives with his wife, Sylvya, and her young brother, Stevie. They know nothing about Verloc’s secret. Scotland Yard assigns an undercover detective, Ted, to work in a shop near the cinema and investigate the man. The head of the gang assigns Verloc to put a bomb in the metro. The man sends Stevie there with the “bag”.

(Plot summary by Claudio Sandrini)

Runtime original: 1:16:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:04:16


Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Writer: Joseph Conrad (novel), Charles Bennett (screen play), Ian Hay (dialogue), Helen Simpson (dialogue), Alma Reville (continuity), E.V.H. Emmett (additional dialogue)

Editor: Charles Frend

90to5 Editor:

90to5 Editor Website: TheVirtualLab

90to5 Editor Bio: My name is Konstantinos (call me Dean) and I live in Athens,
Greece. I currently study in the University of Athens and some of my
favorite things are video games, photography and films (making,

I chose this movie mainly because Alfred Hitchcock is one of my
all time favorite directors. When I was searching on the public domain
trying to find a movie to edit I came across some of the first movies
that he made. So after watching a couple of them I chose to edit the
one that stood out to me the most which was Sabotage. The editing
process was really interesting as you get to learn so much about editing
when you tear a movie apart and then rebuild it.



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