The Son of Monte Cristo (1940)

In 1865, General Gurko Lanen is dictator of “Lichtenburg” in the Balkans. Rightful ruler Zona hopes to get aid from Napoleon III of France. The visiting Count of Monte Cristo falls for Zona and undertakes to help her, masquerading as a foppish banker and a masked freedom fighter. The rest is rapid-fire intrigue and derring-do.

(Plot summary by Rod Crawford)

Runtime original: 1:42:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:11


Director: Rowland V. Lee

Writer: George Bruce (screenplay)

Editor: Arthur Roberts

90to5 Editor:

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This movie gives you 102 minutes of fast paced action and adventure, mixed with romance and political intrigue. It was great to watch in full and fun to cut!



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