Life in a Day (2011)

What do you get when you ask the people of the world to chronicle a single day in their lives? You get 80,000 submissions, 4500 hours of footage, from 192 countries. Kevin Macdonald has taken this raw material, all shot on July 24, 2010, and created a 90-minute paean to what it means to be human in the world today

(Plot summary by Anonymous)

Runtime original: 1:35:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:04:33


Director: Loressa Clisby, Kevin Macdonald, Hiroaki Aikawa(co-director), Natalia Andreadis(co-director), Jack Attridge(co-director), Cristina Bocchialini(co-director), Zillah Bowes(co-director), Ferran Brooks(co-director), Andrea Dalla Costa(co-director), Lisa Cottrell-Bentley(co-director), Alejo Crisóstomo(co-director), Sócrates Cuadri(co-director), Ayman El Gazwy(co-director), Shawn Gadberry(co-director), Jane Haubrich(co-director), Soma Helmi(co-director), Jennifer M. Howd(co-director), Clementine Isaac(co-director), Aditya Kolli(co-director), Gabor Kukucska(co-director), Francesco La Regina(co-director), Frederic Lumiere(co-director), Marek Mackovic(co-director), Zuqy Cruz Marquez(co-director), Linda Matarasso(co-director), Kevin McMahon(co-director), Joseph Michael(co-director), Joaquin Montalvan(co-director), Lilit Movsisyan(co-director), Emmanuelle Pickett(co-director), Christopher Redmond(co-director), Alejandro Romeo(co-director), Alaa Sheikh Hassan(co-director), Marcus Tedenryd(co-director)

Writer: N/A

Editor: Joe Walker

90to5 Editor:

90to5 Editor Website: Ivan Poropat on Vimeo

90to5 Editor Bio: My name is Ivan Poropat and Im a 20 years old video editor from Croatia. I study informatics at college and work for a digital marketing company.

I chose the movie Life in a day because it shows us many different ways of life on planet Earth. I think its amazing we can get to know other lifestyles and expand our perspectives. Also, this movie will show future generations how it was to be alive on planet Earth on the 24th July 2010.



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