Cold Sweat (1970)

Joe Martin, a quiet American, lives a quiet life in the South of France renting boats to tourists. He is happily married to Fabienne and has a twelve-year-old daughter named Michèle. But the quiet man has a past: ten years before, Joe (then Moran) had escaped with four other convicts, among whom the sadistic ex-mercenary Katanga. Seeing the latter brutally kill an M. P., Joe had abandoned his accomplices and left with the car. One night, Captain Ross, Katanga, Whitey and Fausto re-appear…

(Plot summary by Guy Bellinger)

Runtime original: 1:34:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50


Director: Terence Young

Writer: Dorothea Bennett, Jo Eisinger, Richard Matheson (novel), Shimon Wincelberg

Editor: Johnny Dwyre

90to5 Editor:

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‘Before he starred in Death Wish (and Death Wish 2, 3, 4 & 5) Charles Bronson gave us a taste of his machismo in Cold Sweat, based on a novel by legendary author Richard Matheson. The movie is notable for also featuring Charlie’s young wife Jill Ireland, Bergman’s muse Liv Ullmann (strangely enough) and the great Brit James Mason with a seriously dubious Southern accent. Cold Sweat also features one of the slowest car chases in movie history; I attempted to make it a little more exciting. Hope you enjoy.’


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