Telephone Operator (1937)

A telephone operator covering for a friend’s “fling” finds herself in the middle of a major disaster when the city is hit by a big flood and her switchboard is the center of communications.

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Runtime original: 01:10:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:03

Director: Scott Pembroke

Writer: John W. Krafft (story), Scott Darling (screenplay)

Editor: Russell F. Schoengarth

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A telephone operator who falls in love with a telephone line man and she is been ousted from the telephone company where she was working. She realize her responsibility during the nature disaster stuck (Flood) She broke the doors of telephone office and pass the message and information to everyone and the neighboring place without fearing about her life.Finally the crisis is been well addresses as well as she also reach to safe place with her man.


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