Royal Wedding (1951)

Tom and Ellen Bowen are a brother and sister dance act whose show closes in New York. Their agent books them in London for the same period as the Royal Wedding. They travel by ship where Ellen meets and becomes involved with Lord John Brindale. This causes her to miss a rehearsal. Tom (Astaire) uses the time to dance with a hat rack and gym equipment. Later Tom and Ellen attempt a graceful dance number as the ship rolls. Upon arrival Tom holds auditions and meets Anne. There is much indecision by the siblings about their romantic partners even though they are in-the-clouds. Tom dances on the walls and ceiling of his hotel room. All ends well in this light musical. By the way, there is a vaudeville-style dance number in their show that features slapstick. It’s a hoot.

(Plot summary written by Written by Paul Corr)

Runtime original: 01:34:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:38

Director: Stanley Donen

Writer: Alan Jay Lerner (story), Alan Jay Lerner (screenplay)

Editor: Albert Akst

90to5 Editor:

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90to5 Editor Bio: I am a 26-year old student of Acoustics Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. I am interested in film making. I am very excited about the competition.

Last year I took part in the contest for the first time and liked the idea of it . This year I decided to edit a musical film because I am interested in dance.


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