Ninja in the Dragon’s Den aka Ninja Kommando (1982)

Two rival warriors, a Japanese and a Chinese, are forced to work together after their master has been killed by a mighty enemy.

(Plot summary written by Written by Laurens Koehoorn)

Runtime original: 01:34:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50

Director: Corey Yuen

Writer: Corey Yuen

Editor: ?

90to5 Editor:

90to5 Editor Website:

90to5 Editor Bio: My name is Donte Richardson. My goal is to become Hollywood’s next Film Director.

I choose this movie because ever since I was a kid, I’d always enjoy watching ninjas in movies and on TV. When I saw Dragon’s Den as an option, I could think of any other movie that I’d rather do.


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