Lady Gangster (1942)

Dot Burton (Faye Emerson) has acted as a decoy in a bank robbery and fails to get away. Her arrest attracts the attention of Ken Phillips (Frank Wilcox), a former childhood sweetheart who believe her innocent until she confesses. But before going to jail she manages to steal the bank’s $40,000 from her accomplices and leaves it with her landlady.

(Plot summary written by Written by Les Adams (

Runtime original: 01:02:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50

Director: Robert Florey

Writer: Anthony Coldeway (screenplay), Dorothy Mackaye and Carlton Miles (play “Gangstress, or Women In Prison”)

Editor: Harold McLernon

90to5 Editor:

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First time edit and have learnt a lot. The movie has crime, car chases, cross dressing, prison intrigue and betrayal. I couldn’t pass it up.


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