A Star Is Born (1937)

Esther Blodgett is just another starry-eyed farm kid trying to break into the movies. Waitressing at a Hollywood party, she catches the eye of alcoholic star Norman Maine, is given a test, and is caught up in the Hollywood glamor machine (ruthlessly satirized). She and her idol Norman marry; but his career abruptly dwindles to nothing.

(Plot summary written by Rod Crawford – puffinus@u.washington.edu)


Runtime original: 01:51:00 —> Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:48

Director: William A. Wellman, Jack Conway

Writer: Dorothy Parker, Alan Campbell, Robert Carson, William A. Wellman (screen play)

Editor: James E. Newcom, Anson Stevenson

90to5 Editor:

90to5 Editor Website:

90to5 Editor Bio: I am a 26-year old student of Acoustics Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. I am interested in film making and a member of Student’s Television at my university. I am very excited about the competition. I always wanted to take part in such a thing.

My name is Borys Dubiański. I am from Poland and I am very excited about this challenge. I decided to choose A Star is Born, as I find it very interesting to summarize the original story, which is very nice, in only 5 minutes. It is an honor to edit such a masterpiece.

— Borys Dubiański



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