The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Seymour is a young man who works in a flower store. He manages to create a carnivorous plant that feeds on human flesh. Nobody knows about it, so Seymour and the plant become good “friends”. The plant needs food to grow up, so it convinces him to start killing people

(Plot summary written by Chris Makrozahopoulos



Director: Roger Corman, Charles B. Griffith (uncredited), Mel Welles (uncredited)

Writer: Charles B. Griffith (screenplay)

Editor: Marshall Neilan Jr. (film editor)

90to5 Editor: Devinclk


Runtime original: 01:12:00

Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50

90to5 Editor Website:

90to5 Editor Bio: Grew up in BC, Canada, moved to Toronto to make Movies.


I love movies and I choose this one because its a Roger Corman classic, one of Jack Nicholson\\\’s first roles, its one of the best B films made, its funny and doesn’t take it self too seriously. Enjoy!

— Devinclk




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  1. Very funny! I like 🙂

  2. Very cool man good job, Best of luck

  3. Thanks so much for you votes!

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