Stalker (1979)

Near a gray and unnamed city is the Zone, an alien place guarded by barbed wire and soldiers. Over his wife’s numerous objections, a man rises in the dead of night: he’s a stalker, one of a handful who have the mental gifts (and who risk imprisonment) to lead people into the Zone to the Room, a place where one’s secret hopes come true. That night, he takes two people into the Zone: a popular writer who is burned out, cynical, and questioning his genius; and a quiet scientist more concerned about his knapsack than the journey. In the deserted Zone, the approach to the Room must be indirect. As they draw near, the rules seem to change and the stalker faces a crisis.

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Runtime original: 02:43:00

Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:00

Director: Andrey Tarkovskiy

Writer: Arkadiy Strugatskiy (novel “Piknik na obochine”, screenplay), Boris Strugatskiy (novel “Piknik na obochine”, screenplay), Andrey Tarkovskiy (screenplay uncredited)

Editor: Lyudmila Feiginova

90to5 Editor: Lasma Abele

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Stalker is an amazing and a complex film made by one of the true cinema masters – Andrei Tarkovsky. This film can be open to any number of interpretations. So I think it suits perfectly for this editing challenge.

— Lasma Abele



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  1. That’s cool Lasma! Thank you so much for bringing Tarkovsky into this.

    Best wishes! 😉

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