Rashomon (1950)

In 12th century Japan, a samurai and his wife are attacked by the notorious bandit Tajomaru, and the samurai ends up dead. Tajomaru is captured shortly afterward and is put on trial, but his story and the wife’s are so completely different that a psychic is brought in to allow the murdered man to give his own testimony. He tells yet another completely different story. Finally, a woodcutter who found the body reveals that he saw the whole thing, and his version is again completely different from the others.

(Plot summary written by rmlohner)


Runtime original: 01:28:00

Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:47

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Writer: Ryûnosuke Akutagawa (stories Rashomon and In a Grove), Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto

Editor: Akira Kurosawa

90to5 Editor: Amir K. Nosrat

90to5 Editor Website: http://aknpro.blogspot.ca

90to5 Editor Bio:

— Amir K. Nosrat



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3 Responses

  1. I like this movie, and your edit very much, but I think the beginning is overly fast. Altough I mean it’s perfectly right like that also. I think I made the same “mistake” in my ‘Detour’ edit.

    Nonetheless, if I could ask you a question I’d ask: why didn’t you use those 3 seconds (you’ve used 5:47) for that beginning? Did you feel it’s good like that for any reason?

    Sorry by my curiosity, I just want to talk and learn! Thank you and congratulations for the whole work Amir!!;)

  2. Thanks for your comments. Yes, the pacing at the opening of my edit feels fast. I found out about this event few days before the 2nd deadline. When I was done I had less than an hour to make the upload deadline.

    The first few seconds were meant for the title of the film which never made it in my final render and I never got a chance to enhance the beginning or send another file even with the extended period allowed.

    Walter Murch once said: it’s good to pick up the pace at some points so the audience stays alert, but I’m sure he didn’t mean the beginning of the show 🙂 ….

    If you feel you are making pacing mistake as well, in my experience it usually requires a fresh look at the edited piece at a later time. while you are working on something you tend to neglect the previously edited segments and after few hours we loose the sense of how it all started. You need to sleep on it and watch it fresh from the beginning ( if time allows). Hope this helps.

  3. Very wise piece of advice Amir, so thank you very much! I couldn’t agree more with it!
    When I’m working, I usually watch the whole work (thus far, I’ve only worked in short length) at least once at the outset of the working day and another at the end of the working day. There are nights I can’t sleep till I find, I think, the solution to the edit I’m working in. You know better than I that this job is very obsessive. (I’m just beginning and I’ve already noticed it!) Well, and when the edit is finished, if I can allow myself some days to rest, I’ll correct these kinds of structure mistakes. Although schedules overwhelm us, yeah sure!
    Regarding this particular instance (my ‘Detour’ edit) I hadn’t realised that there was this pacing problem, among other mistakes, nor when I finished the edit neither a few days later when I uploaded it (August 10)! To tell you the truth, I hadn’t much time to sort this problem out the next month. Eventually I realized that it happened when I got friends and people thoughts…
    It’s a pleasure to share views with you.
    Best wishes mate!

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