Oh Mr Porter (1937)

Through the influence of a relative, a hopeless railway employee is made stationmaster the sleepy Irish station of Buggleskelly. Determined to make his mark, he devises a number of schemes to put Buggleskelly on the railway map, but instead falls foul of a gang of gun runners.

(Plot summary written by D.Giddings)


Runtime original: 01:25:00

Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:46

Director: Marcel Varnel

Writer: Frank Launder (original story), J.O.C. Orton (screenplay), Val Guest (screenplay), Marriott Edgar (screenplay)

Editor: R.E. Dearing

90to5 Editor: Midnight

90to5 Editor Website: http://www.mbpvideo.co.uk

90to5 Editor Bio:

Oh Mr Porter is a 1937 British comedy staring Will Hay.

— Midnight



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