Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The dead come back to life and eat the living in this low budget, black and white film. Several people barricade themselves inside a rural house in an attempt to survive the night. Outside are hordes of relentless, shambling zombies who can only be killed by a blow to the head.

(Plot summary written by Mark Logan)


Runtime original: 01:36:00

Runtime at 90to5: 00:05:50

Director: George A. Romero

Writer: John A. Russo (screenplay), George A. Romero (screenplay)

Editor: Brian Huckeba (promo editor), George A. Romero (uncredited), John A. Russo (uncredited)

90to5 Editor: Rich Williamson

90to5 Editor Website:

90to5 Editor Bio: RICH WILLIAMSON is a filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada. After graduating from Ryerson University’s film program in 2008, Rich founded his production company, Squire Entertainment. His award-winning short films The Sugar Bowl (2011), Unsinkable (2012) and Joe (2012) have screened at the Hot Docs, Atlanta and Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festivals. He is currently in production on an animated short documentary and developing a feature film script.

Occasionally I’ll edit a film for practice, but it was nice to actually have a competition to legitimize the tinkering

— Rich Williamson



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